Pigeon removal

Birds control is the use of efficient and professional techniques to remove pigeons from the nesting area without harming pigeons! Hello, my name is Naveh Shuster and I am a certified pigeon handler who has a work permit in height. Shuster pigeon removal provide a reliable and efficient professional service and put an end to pigeon problem by professional methods for removing pigeons permanently! Pigeons are no doubt a great nuisance: the noise, the dirt, the pigeon pigeons and other diseases, so it's best to deal with the problem.

The question of how to keep pigeons away? Is a question that we encounter every day, everyone wants to know how to get rid of pigeons?
First of all, a small clarification: the removal of ions, the expulsion of ions, the removal of ions, the flight of ions, the pigeon smuggler, the pigeon distiller, the pigeon catcher, the pigeon distillers, and so on. Pigeons. It is important to note that we remove the pigeons and do not kill them, God forbid, killing pigeons does not solve the problem of pigeons only professional pigeon removal and prevent pigeons from nesting in that area is the effective solution!

So why is it so important to keep pigeons away?
Beyond the noise and dirt nuisance pigeons carry many diseases, especially pigeon pigeons.
Ion pigeons, also known as pigeon ticks, are found on each pigeon, the lice pass from pigeon to pigeon and can fall from the pigeon during nesting.
When the pigeon nestles in the hiding place of the laundry, it is very likely that lice will pass from the pigeon to the laundry, and so will humans.
Other ion diseases are found in pigeon droppings, which is actually the feces of the pigeons. The pigeons are used to leave droppings in the nesting area, and this is another reason why pigeons should be removed.

Distancing the price ions
We work according to the price list and therefore each job has its predetermined price. Let us detail a little about the price of removing the pigeons:
The price of removal of ions depends on the method of removal of ions.
Price Range - Professional anti-ion nets include installation ranging from 500 NIS to standard-size laundry.
When you want to cover a larger space in the net against the ions the price rises.
Transparent net - a transparent mesh for pigeon removal is used mainly for balconies or other spaces where we want the network to be almost invisible. The price of the work depends on the size of the balcony or space you want to cover.

Price of spikes against pigeons  - The price of professional spikes against pigeons ranges from 70-150 shekels per meter. Spikes for pigeons are not high for high-yielding communities.
Lots of people are looking for spikes to remove home center ions and anti-ions home center we provide more durable and less expensive products. We use professional ion removal products at cheaper prices. Moreover, installing a ion network or installing spikes against pigeons by a professional ionizer will provide you with responsibility for both the installation and the products.

Shuster Removal of pigeons provide service throughout the country - by prior arrangement. We try to reach every place in the country and provide excellent service at a fair price. We give responsibility for all work of installation! Service to private customers, private homes, committees of houses, buildings, businesses, municipalities and institutions.


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